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Gray Iron Casting

Please go through the some basic information about the raw material which we use and also the technical aspect of our work. Here we have covered the standards which we follow [ IS:210-2009 ] and also its equivalent international standards. Since the casting have very vast application, we are well equipped to make Gray Iron casting weighting from 2lbs to 220lbs [ 1 Kgs to 100 kgs ] with green sand casting & No Back casting process. In Shall Molding we can make the castings weighting from 2lbs to 55lbs (1 Kgs to 25 Kgs) deepening upon the job.


Grey Cast iron, also known as flake graphite cast iron, is a type of type of cast iron in which most of the carbon is present as flake graphite corresponding to form I of IS 7754. The properties of Grey Cast Iron depends on the distribution, size and amount of graphite flakes, and the matrix structure. These factors are in turn, influenced mainly by the manufacturing conditions, chemical composition, solidification time and rate of cooling in the mould. Grey cast iron exhibit low to moderate strength, low modulus of elasticity, low notch sensitivity, high thermal conductivity, moderate resistance of thermal stock, and outstanding castability.


In general, the following properties of grey cast iron increases with increasing tensile strength.


On the other hand, the following properties decreases with increasing tensile strength



Pattern Making

We have state of art tooling & jig Fixtures making division. In that we make all our tooling and jig fixtures with very less time as per 3D model designs. The general time duration for casting developments is 14-21 days but it can vary depending upon the job. We have made sure that our engineers best in the industry , so as to climb the very first step successfully.

Moulding / Core Process

1. Resin Coted or Shell Molding Sand
2. Two Part Furan No Bake Sand
3. Green Sand

Shell Mould Casting

Shell mould casting process offers better surface finish, better dimensional tolerance, and higher throughout due to reduced cycle time. A heated [200 oC - 375 oC] metal pattern is covered with a mixture of sand and thermoset plastic. This causes a skin of about 3.5 mm (0.125 in) of sand/plastic mixture to adhere to the pattern. This skin is removed from the pattern to form the "shell mold". This process can produce complex parts with good surface finish 1.25 um to 3.75 um (50 uin to 150 uin) rms, and dimensional tolerance of 0.5%. Size limit of 1 kg to 25 kg. Minimum thickness can be as low as 1.5mm (0.062 in) to 6.25mm (0.25 in), depending on the material. A good surface finish and good size tolerance reduce the need for machining. A fairly high capital investment is required, but high production rates can be achieved. The process overall is quite cost effective due to reduced machining and cleanup cost. The general casting tolerance is IS +/- 1/32" to 1/16" per inch. The surface roughness is 250 RMS to 500 RMS.

Sample Making

Once Tooling for casting is ready, it takes about 5-10 days for submitting samples, however The factors which affect time duration is size of casting, process involved, quality requirements and machining.


Final Delivery of First Batch

Once the sample is approved, we start production, general time take for the first production batch delivery is between 25 to 30 days depending upon the casting and quantity of the First batch



To get most competitive price , it is suggested to give minimum order for one full container load.


Equivalent Grades

IS - 210 - 93
IS6331 -87
BS 1452-90
DIN-1691-85 GOST 1412-85 ISO-185-88 JIS-G5501-89 SAE J431-93ASTM
FG 150 25B 150 GG-15 C415 150 FC150 G2500
FG 200 30B 200 GG-20 C420 200 FC200 G3000
FG 220 35B 220 - C424 - - G3500
FG 260 40B 250 GG-25 C425 250 FC250 G4000
FG 300 45B 300 GG-30 C430 300 FC300 -

Application - Typical Application of gray iron casting, confirming to IS 210-1993


Typical Application

FG 150 Andirons, exhaust manifolds, frames, grates, housings, machine bases, manhole covers
FG 200 Air-cooled cylinders, clutch housings, clutch plates, compressor frames, cylinder heads, flywheels, gearboxes, grate bars, impellers, light-duty brake drums, oil pump bodies, pipe and fittings,rams small cylinder blocks, and transmission cases
FG 220 Air cooled Cylinders, clutch housings, clutch plates, compressor frames, cylinder heads, flywheels gear boxes, grate bars, impellers light-duty brake drums, oil pump bodies, pipe and fittings, pistons, rams, small cylinder blocks, and transmission cases.
FG 260 Anvils, automobile and diesel cylinder blocks, compressors, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, face plates, heavy flywheels, heavy machine beds, impellers, medium-duty brake drums and clutch plates, pistons, pumps, rams, steam pressure castings, valves and wheels
FG 300 Anvils, brake drums and clutch plates for heavy-duty service, compressors, diesel engine blocks, differential carrier castings, face plates, heavy flywheels, heavy gearboxes, heavy machine beds, impellers, pumps, rams, steam pressure castings, tractor transmission cases, truck and tractor cylinder blocks and heads valves, and wheels.

Mechanical Properties Typical Mechanical properties of grey cast iron, conforming to IS 210-1993

Property Unit FG150 FG 200 FG 220 FG 260 FG 300
Tensile Strength MPa 150 200 220 260 300
0.01 % Proof Stress MPa 42 56 62 73 84
0.10 % Proof Stress MPa 98 130 143 169 195
Total strain at failure % 0.60-0.75 0.48-0.67 0.39-0.63 0.57 0.50
Elastic strain at failure % 0.15 0.17 0.18 0.20 0.22
Total minus elastic strain at failure % 0.45-0.60 0.31-0.50 0.21-0.45 0.37 0.28