About Us


Parag Casting Co. located at Growth Driven State – Gujarat - INDIA & engaged with manufacture ring of Iron Castings & CNC Turned Components.

With Continues upgradation the company now has well equipped Foundry & Machining Setup, with in-house design capabilities and advance testing equipments.

We are manufacturing casting by Shall Molding, Green sand and No Bake Molding process for Gray Iron and S.G. Iron metal grades depending on the requirements of the customer and Job.

We have also manufacturing setups for the CNC Turned Components & State of the Art Tooling & Jig Fixtures developments division.



ISO 9001 Certified

PPAP Level 3


Inprocess & Final Inspections

Overseas Buyers

Assembly Service

Kitting Service

Customized Packing

Inhouse Container Stuffing


Build Culture of Trust

Achieve Excellence by implementing innovative ides by using the advance technology

Work toward betterment of society


World class Manufacturing Facility

Joint Venture for product development

Consistent Improvement in competence

50% Revenue through Exports


Product Segment

Air compressor Parts

Automobile & Tractor Parts

Pumps/Gas & Valves Parts

Gear cases & accessories

Electric motor Case & accessories

Machine Tools Industries